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Playing in Port Townsend

There are three locations where the public can play pickleball in Port Townsend WA . Play times vary by location and are listed below. The Port Townsend Pickleball Club strongly encourages play that embodies the original ethos of pickleball that includes respect for fellow players, fair play, and sportsman-like conduct.  In this regard, we follow guidelines set forth by USA Pickleball, the national governing body for pickleball in the US.  Please take the time to read their (and our) guidance and have fun!

Courthouse Park

Courthouse Park Court.jpeg

Two courts. No reservations needed, open to the public. Please read the rules and regulations before entering the gate. For more information about the Courthouse Park Courts, click here.

Mountain View

MV Court Play.jpeg

Three courts. See the schedule, below, for types of play and the Club's dedicated hours.

Port Townsend H.S.


Four courts with portable nets that are available Monday thru Saturday, 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. 

Types of Play and Schedules

Types of Play

The PTPC Board has developed the following types of play for Port Townsend courts.

  • Open play - players drop in and wait to rotate in and out of games with others, which results in a mix of skill levels and everyone being welcome. If all courts are full, or if there are fewer than 4 waiting players, those waiting should follow this procedure:

    • Place your paddle on the board in the order that you arrived, starting on the left.

    • When a game is finished, rotate as follows:

      • If only one player is waiting, the two winners remain on the court but split up for the next game. Choose which of the losing players will sit out by any method you like.

      • If 2 – 6 players are waiting, 2 new players go in and the losers of the game sit out. The winners split up.

      • When there are two or more players waiting, no one may play more than two games in a row.

      • If 7 or more players are waiting, 4 go in and 4 come out.

      • If a situation arises that is not covered by these procedures, please deal with it in the spirit of equalizing playing time.

  • Organized Play - players organize their own game and again everyone is welcome. 

  • First come - First served play - courts are available to whoever arrives first.

    • One hour time limit from the start of play if others are waiting, regardless of when they arrived.

    • No reservations allowed. You must be present to hold your place in line for the next open court.

  • PTPC Programs - Social Saturdays, Round Robin, Drills, MOTHS (Monarchs of the Holey Sphere) competitions, and Beginner Lessons are PTPC programs that occur seasonally.  Please check this webpage for current programs at each location.

Lessons and Learning Opportunities

Beginner lessons will be offered by the Port Townsend Pickleball Club beginning on Saturday, April 1, from 9:00 -11:00 at Mountain View.  Sign up on Playtime Scheduler.  Sessions will be limited to 8 participants.

Playtime Scheduler

Pickleball players in Port Townsend use Playtime Scheduler to organize and manage courts.  Note that the PTHS, Mountain View, and Courthouse courts are all public resources. Playtime Scheduler is not a court reservation system, but rather it is a resource to help players coordinate with others. 

Rating Your Play

If you are not familiar with how pickleball players are rated, we suggest you visit USA Pickleball's website for guidance.  Very generally, we consider below 2.5 as beginner, 2.5-3.5 as intermediate, and above 3.5 as advanced. 

Court Schedules

Mountain View (MV) Courts
In return for the Club’s management and funding of the MV court renovation, Port Townsend City has given the club “dedicated hours” at these courts. Dedicated hours are times when the Club has the opportunity and responsibility to administer how play is organized at MV courts. This will allow the Club to organize events like tournaments, socials, clinics, and lessons at the MV courts within the dedicated hours. We would like to emphasize, however, that this does not mean that PTPC members have exclusive use of the MV courts during the Club’s dedicated hours, nor does it change the fact that the courts are always open to the public.




  • Port Townsend High School
    The courts at PTHS uses the following schedule.


  • Courthouse Park 
    The Courthouse Park courts have both open play and first come-first served play from 8:00AM to dusk. For more information visit the county's website.

  • YMCA

Indoor pickleball courts are available at the YMCA. If you are interested in playing, please visit the Olympic Peninsula YMCA website and follow the instructions given there. Note that the YMCA does not use Playtime Scheduler.

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