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PTPC Code of Conduct and Game Etiquette

The Club’s goal is to have friendly and safe competition and enjoy good camaraderie. Our purpose is to provide members and guests a guide about standards of behavior expected of them while on the courts playing with the Club or representing the Club.

Please comply with any requests made by the Membership Committee or a Board member regarding court behavior. If there are any questions or concerns about violations or problems with the Code, they should be communicated to the Chair of the Membership Committee.


Code of Conduct:

  1. Be courteous and demonstrate good sportsmanship: No throwing equipment, no foul language, no yelling, no harassment or intimidation.

  2. Refrain from actions that undermine the health and safety of others. The reputation of the Club depends on the actions of its members.

  3. Accept responsibility for guests and family members in attendance.

  4. Do not represent the Club in any dealings unless authorized by the Board of Directors.

  5. Follow Club rules and policies.

Game Etiquette:

  1. Begin play by introducing yourself to players you don’t know and acknowledge the players you do know.

  2. Be aware when entering and leaving courts. Do not cross behind a court until play has stopped.

  3. When serving, call scores audibly and make sure opponents are ready.

  4. The team playing the ball makes line calls. When partners are in doubt, the call goes to the opponent.

  5. If you or your partner step into the kitchen on a volley, call it on yourself or your partner.

  6. If you hit a ball onto another court, immediately say, “Ball on court.” It is a matter of safety.

  7. In recreational play, don’t keep play away from the best player on another team and if you are the strongest player in your foursome, ease up on your level of play. Work on your own skills.

  8. End each game by saying something polite to your opponents at the net, i.e., “Thank you for playing” or “You made some great shots today.” 

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