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Our members support the goals of the Port Townsend Pickleball Club to promote pickleball in Port Townsend and around Jefferson County. Now that the Club has facilitated the installation of five permanent, pickleball-only public courts in the area it is reasonable to ask, why join or renew your membership?

Membership comes with several benefits. Club players receive access to locked equipment at the various pickleball sites: the storage lockers and squeegees at Mountain View Commons and Port Townsend High School, plus the portable bathroom at PTHS, and the squeegee at the Courthouse Park courts. The storage lockers also contain extra paddles and balls, first aid kits, and binders for drills and organized play. In addition, members have access to the Members Portal on the website for exclusive member information, like contacts and certain Club documents.

In addition, Club members have priority to participate in Club events, like tournaments, clinics, drill sessions, and the like. If an entry fee is required for an event, members receive a discount.

Perhaps the most important reason to join the Club is to add your support for achieving Club goals. The dues are relatively small, $40 per year, but altogether they help the Club to be a significant force in developing more quality permanent courts, both indoors and outdoors, enhancing play for the fastest growing sport in the country, and helping the City and County maintain the courts we already have.

PTPC membership begins on July 1 and ends on June 30 of the following calendar year. If a NEW MEMBER joins on or after January 1, membership still ends on June 30, and the dues are pro-rated from $40 to $20. Please follow these steps to join or renew your membership. 

  1. Read the PTPC Code of Conduct and Game Etiquette linked here.  We also recommend that you read the USA Pickleball Sportsmanship Guide. A question on the membership form asks if you have done this.

  2. Complete the Membership Form below, even if you are renewing your membership. Completing the form ensures the club has your up-to-date contact info. Membership information is 100% confidential, and will not be published or distributed. We will use it only for the purposes of providing you with club information.​

  3. Pay the $40 membrship fee using Paypal, Credit Card, or Check payable and mailed to: Port Townsend Pickleball Club, PO Box 440, Port Townsend, WA 98368​


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Join or Renew Membership

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